Antaris Solar Panels – PV

Antaris Solar Panels – PV

Antaris Solar PV Panels Antaris Solar Panels

Glenergy supplies premium level Antaris Solar Panels in Ireland.  Antaris Solar is a German Group specializing in Solar PV solutions and who manufacture their own Grade A solar PV panels for producing electricity.  Antaris is part of the Gode group which has been around since 1978, they have had a specialist solar pv division since the 90s and sell their products on every continent.  In Ireland there are three great reasons to choose Antaris, Great Warranty, Great Looks and Great Price.

Great Warranty

One of the reasons we supply Antaris Solar Panels is because they offer one of the longest product and performance warranties for its modules on the market.  With a 30 year performance warranty and 12 year product warranty Antaris are miles ahead of other solar panel guarantees.

Great Looks

One thing that strikes us about Antaris solar panels is how good they look.  Particularly the Monocrystalline PV modules with their sleek black frames.  These are solar panels we would put on the roofs of our own houses so we are happy to offer them to you. This is another good reason to choose Antaris solar panels.

Great Price

As with everything in this world you get what you pay for so buying quality solar panels can be a little bit more expensive than cheaper options.  What you are really buying though is peace of mind and this is what buying Antaris brings.  Happily though Antaris solar panels offer quality and great value for money at an incredibly competitive price.


Antaris solar panels

Please see below for more downloadable information on Antaris Solar Panels.  If you are looking for some more specific information please feel free to contact us directly.