Solar PV Panels for Ireland

Solar PV

Solar PV on house

A completely solar PV powered home.

Electricity produced from solar PV panels is set to be a large source of energy for Irish households and business.  Solar PV is an incredibly flexible source of energy as solar PV panels can be installed almost anywhere!   Once you have a south, west or east facing site you can make your own solar electricity and take a big step towards being completely energy self sufficient.

Solar Panels Prices

Why install Solar PV?

There are a few reasons why you should install solar PV panels:

1. Part L compliance on new buildings. Current building regulations require a certain amount of renewable energy to be installed on the building. By using photovoltaic solar panels you can often get compliance at the cheapest cost. To determine this we need to go through your BER assessment to see how many panels may suit. We can also examine other options such as solar thermal, heat pumps and CHP to see whether a combination of these with solar panels will be a better solution.

2. You use a lot of electricity during the day. This applies to many commercial entities; offices and manufacturing facilities and big houses with daytime occupancy. If you use a lot of daytime electricity you will be able to offset that use by producing it on site using solar electricity particularly if you have an unused roof space that is going to waste.  The solar PV system will pay for itself quite quickly in this scenario. If you are interested give us a call on 01 5563100 and we can perform a solar PV feasibility study to assess if solar is or you.

3. You have an off grid requirement for electricity. Sometimes you need to power something that is far away from any kind of conventional power source. Solar PV Panels can provide a reliable source of electricity in off grid scenarios. Telemetry stations, measuring equipment or off grid living can all benefit from the use of solar panels.

4. You own an electric car.  If you own an electric car you can use solar pv electricity to charge your batteries.  You can install a car port using solar pv panels as the roof so when you park your car there during the day you have a ready made, clean and green charging point.  Free Fuel!

5. You want to do your part. You’re just convinced that fossil fuels are an unsustainable and damaging way to continue to fuel our lives and that climate change needs to be addressed now.

If you have a project in mind please give us a call to discuss your requirements and get a price.

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