Solar Panels on Church Roofs

Solar Panels on Church Roofs

Solar Panels and Churches are a happy marriage.  The large roof space of a typical church is ideal for solar panels and can go some way to creating revenue for a cash strapped church building and parish.  In the UK the Church of England’s "Shrinking the Footprint" campaign is encouraging dioceses, cathedrals and parishes to reduce energy bills and lower carbon emissions through energy efficiency. Measures from installing energy-efficient lightbulbs to switching to renewable energy including solar panels are promoted.

solar panels installed on a church roof with scaffolding.

Currently more than 400 churches & church buildings have solar panels installed in the UK, with o the first carbon-neutral churches being developed . Ground source heat pumps have also been installed in some churches which in turn also compliments the installation of solar panels.  With the high heat requirements of churches in the Winter it helps to have a low energy heating system installed to reduce bills and increase comfort.  Heat pumps and solar panels go hand in hand as the heat pumps use electricity while the solar panels produce it.

The position of the church as community leaders is also important here.  What a great signal the church would send about taking action on climate change if solar panels on church roofs were visible to all to see.



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