Solar Panels in the Programme for Government

Solar Panels in the Programme for Government

May 13, 2016 Off By Simon

Solar Panels and Community Ownership.

Solar panels and community energy are featured strongly in the new partnership for Solar panels and the Programme for governmentgovernment published this week.  Community energy is where people living in the community own or co-own renewable energy generators.  These  generators can be solar panels, wind turbines, CHP units, water turbines  etc..

The idea is that these smaller micro generators are installed using finance from a community and the community then benefits from the energy produced from the plant. The energy can be used by the community or sold  back to the grid making money for those who have invested.  The return on investment for these projects can be very good and far outweigh the financial return from leaving money stagnate in the banking system.

Financial benefits aside, the community benefits are also very strong with possibilities for lower and more secure energy costs and of course the long term benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions so our children's futures are protected.

Glenergy is committed to the  advancement of this ideal of community ownership and is working closely with the Wicklow Sustainable Energy Community to make this ideal a reality.


You can read more about the community and climate change goals of this government here:

More information on the Wicklow SEC is here: