Solar Panels and Heat Pumps

Solar Panels and Heat Pumps

March 30, 2016 Off By Simon

Solar Panels and Heat Pumps

Solar Panels go hand in hand with other renewable energy technologies.  Many ask the question about which renewable energy is best but the real question is what is the best combination of technologies to suit a particular situation. Solar Panels either for heating water (Solar Thermal) or producing electricity (Solar PV panels) are a great compliment to other renewable and low energy technologies.  Examples of this combination would be solar panels and heat pumps or CHP systems.

For retrofit situations with heat pumps and solar panels a heat pump grant has been introduced in April 2018.  You can read more about the heat pump grants here:

Below you can see a video testimonial from one of our customers who decided to go down this route and utilize a number of different renewable and low energy technologies to heat his home.  In the video you can see that solar panels and heat pumps were used for heating water and space.  In the summer and warmer months of the year the solar panels heated water and heat pumps were then used to produce the bulk of the hot water in Winter.  This is a happy marriage as the best application for solar panels is heating water in the warmer months of the year with no requirement to turn on a large heat pump to heat a relatively small amount of water. Heat pumps then only have to come into action only when the solar resource is reduced as Winter approaches.

Solar PV can also compliment heat pumps brilliantly.  The idea is that in the event of a FIT you can produce electricity during the summer which creates a credit with your electricity provider.  Once Winter kicks in you start to spend that credit on running your heat pump.  This has been tried and tested in Ireland a few times and works very well.  If your house is well insulated and you have a low heat load it is very possible to become cost neutral on your heating costs using solar panels and heat pumps combined - i.e. you will pay nothing to heat your home and water..  for ever.  Nice.

See here for some info on someone who uses solar panels and heat pumps and pays nothing on their heating bills..