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Grant for Solar Panels - Solar PV

SEAI has announced a grant scheme for retrofitting solar PV to houses built before 2011. The grant is substantial at €900 per kw of solar panel installed and up to 2 kWp and also extra funding for battery storage. This is a game changing grant for Irish households as it makes solar pv a realistic option for normal houses in Ireland. If you would like to generate your own clean electricity please get in touch.

Full details of the grant are listed here:

There is also a grant for solar panels for heating water see here for more information Solar Thermal Grant Information Here

solar panels grant

Solar PV Grant Highlights

  • Houses built before 2011 are eligible - click here to check your eligibility
  • €700 per kw grant funding available
  • 4 kW solar pv systems are the maximum size that will be grant funded
  • Solar PV Systems up to 2 kW do not need battery storage to receive grant funding (€1400)
  • Solar PV Systems above 2 kW have to install battery storage to receive extra grant funding above €1400.  i.e €1400 is the maximum grant without using batteries.
  • Battery Storage is grant aided by €1000
  • Solar PV systems with over 7 panels will require planning permission.  Check with your county council what your obligations are.
  • More Info is here:  SEAI Solar Panel Grant
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Solar Grant Registered PV Installers

To qualify for the grant the installation must be carried out by an SEAI registered installer. Glenergy's installers are fully registered with SEAI so our systems will qualify for the grant.

Grant for Solar PV Battery Storage

Solar PV systems bigger than 2 kW will need to install a battery to qualify for the grant funds. The bettery element of the install is worth an extra €1000 on top of the €700 per kW for the solar panels. People with existing PV systems can also apply for the battery grant if they want to add storage. The grant covers a lot of the hardware costs in many cases so is well worth looking at.

The grant has been widely welcomed by all those involved in the solar panel industry.  A long time coming it is a first step towards regaining the trust and support of local communities interested in installing solar panels.

It is estimated that 500,000 homes, 50,000 businesses, and 75,000 farms have suitable roof space to deliver up to 250mW electricity per year from roof-top Solar panel installations.  The solar panels grant will help in moving towards this but a feed in tarrif is the ultimate requirement for a healthy economic environment for solar panel promotion.

Solar Panels Payback

Solar PV panels that produce electricity is a proven technology. The output is predictable and cost levels are more than attractive when compared to fossil fuels.  Current payback for solar panel installations can be as low as seven and eight years in Ireland.  This can be further reduced to five years with sufficient Government support.

Most importantly the solar panels grant will empower communities by supporting households and businesses to immediately install solar panels and thereby contribute to Ireland’s climate change targets.  This will also reduce our exposure to expensive fines for missing our climate change targets.

Grant for Solar Thermal Panels

There is a substantial grant available from the SEAI for installing solar panels for heating water.  The grants for solar panels are worth €1200 off the solar panels price - this is a fantastic deal and can bring the cost of installing solar panels down to the €3000 region.


Grant for Solar Thermal Panels Criteria

3 x Flat plate solar panels. Grants for solar panels can take €1200 of a the installation cost of a system like this.

This system costs only €3450 if you get grants for solar panels from SEAI.

As with any grant there are a number of criteria to follow in order to be eligible for the grants for solar panels but typically it is a straightforward process.  Listed below are the things to look out for to see if you are eligible but the best way to know for sure is to drop us an email or give us a call on 01 5563100 and we can talk through your options.:

  • The house must have been built before 2007.  This is because after 2007 building regulations required energy efficiency to be taken into account on a greater level so if you own a house that was built prior to this you will be require more remedial work to bring the efficiency level up - so the gran for solar panels is there to help.
  • The floor area of the house dictates the size of the solar panels required - the bigger the house the bigger the size of the solar panel and cylinder.  Call us to find out what system you need.
  • The pipework on the existing cylinder is earthed appropriately with 10mm2 earth cable.  We will need to earth the pipe the from the solar panels to this as well.
  • It helps if there is a thermostat on the hot water cylinder regulating the central heating boiler input (i.e. the cylinder is a separate heating zone) . This is not a requirement but makes it easier to get the grant.
  • Orientation of the panels.  Solar panels facing south are best, South east and South west are fine too.  If you are east west that is ok but we may have to install about 30%  more surface area of solar panels to be eligible.
  • The pitch of the roof.  Anywhere between  15 and 65 degrees is technically fine but pitches of 30 - 50 degrees are best for solar panels.  This is the pitch of most roofs in Ireland.
  • The volume of the solar cylinder.  Bigger cylinders hold more energy from solar panels.  We supply the best options.

Solar Panels - SEAI Video on Solar panels and Heating Systems

Here is a handy video from SEAI talking about heating systems and the grants available.  Information on grants for solar panels is about half way through.

more info

There is also a grant available for solar thermal solar panels that provide heat for heating hot water.

More Info Available Here