Solar Panel Service – Solar Maintenance

Solar Panel Service

All solar heating systems require regular maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently and regular so servicing solar panels is necessary to  make sure they continue to operate effectively. To maintain your solar panel system in top shape we recommend you book our solar panel servicing service at least once every  three to five years which should include a full change of antifreeze in the solar panel circuit.

Solar Panel Service

Solar Panel Service

Solar Panel Servicing Package

Our Solar Panel Service Package Includes:

• A 20 litre Solar Antifreeze Refill.

• Repressurizing and test of the solar panel circuit.

• Solar panel controller check and reprogramming if required.

• Joint inspection for leaks and insulation inspection.

A basic solar panel service should be conducted at the latest before Winter of the fifth year. This is because the antifreeze in the solar circuit may have reached its end of life and will not be providing the freeze protection required for a cold Winter. Without this protection the fluid in the metal pipes in the solar panel may freeze and leaks could develop requiring the solar panel to be replaced. This is a much more expensive operation than a regular solar panel servicing visit every three to five years.

Solar Panel Repair Service

Thankfully nearly every common issue with solar water heating systems can be avoided by competent installation and regular maintenance. Hoewever as with everything sometimes solar systems break down.. In this situation Glenergy offers a comprehensive solar panel service, maintenance and repair operation. We are one of the longest established solar panel supply companies in Ireland and our network of solar installation partners have seen and dealt with every possible repair issue connected with solar panels and solar heating systems. If you have a problem we are here to help.

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