Solar for Passive Houses

Solar for Passive Houses

Building a passive house means you will have almost no heating requirement.  The passive solar gains, intelligent ventilation and high insulation levels mean that for the most part the house will not require any extra space heating.  However there will a requirement for domestic hot water and for some heating on very cold days.  Solar for passive houses can provide that heat in a cost effective way fitting to the principles of passive house building.

How it works

The solar panels heat a central thermal store which the provides heat to the domestic hot water and can provide heat to an underfloor heating system if required.  Underfloor heating is best in this scenario as the lower temperatures it operates at mean the solar panels can contribute meaningfully in Winter when the heat is needed.  An electric immersion of  4kW tops up the solar panels contribution if required.  The heat load is so low in passive houses that this is all that is needed.system components for solar for passive houses

Latento Passive House Systems

Latento, a German company, produce a system perfect when suing solar for passive houses in this way. The system hinges on the unique Latento cylinder which has incredible heat retention ability.   Latento cylinders set the bar in terms of innovation and design of cylinders used in solar and heat pump heating systems.. The cylinders are not only capable of vastly superior heat collection and retention but they are designed with ease of installation in mind as their square shape allows for the maximum use of space in tight fitting hot presses and utility rooms.

The name Latento comes from the latent heat retaining material that in included in the case of the Latento cylinder. This material stores any excess heat that is introduced into the cylinder allowing for the maximum storage of energy from renewable energy systems like solar panels and heat pumps. The heat stored in the material is then released back into the cylinder when the water cools. This caters for the varied production nature of soalr panels i.e. they can fluctuate between high and low production over a number of days so intelligent storage is vital. This makes the Latento cylinder perfect for heat storage from solar panels and heat pumps.


Latento cylinders are designed specifically for Solar and Heat Pump systems and also have a buffer storage system to allow for pre heat support for underfloor heating systems. If you are interested in learning more about these unique cylinders please contact us.

Latento Solar Panels

Latento also suply their own range of solar collectors to compliment their range of cylinders. Their CPC solar collector is an extremely efficient solar panel and great when using solar for passive houses. European manufactured, fully certifiied and a great compact size. It comes in two sizes a 12 tube (2m2) version and a 18 tube (3m2) version. It is the ideal solar panel to use in conjunction with the Latento solar cylinder.