Solar Panels in Dublin

Solar Panels on the Dublin Civic Offices This is a birds eye view of the future of energy production in Ireland. Amazing video footage of the solar panels installed on the civic public buildings in Dublin.  Clean renewable electricity produced from solar panels in the heart of Dublin City.  Very impressive!

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Solar Panels and Heat Pumps

Solar Panels and Heat Pumps Solar Panels go hand in hand with other renewable energy technologies.  Many ask the question about which renewable energy is best but the real question is what is the best combination of technologies to suit a particular situation. Solar Panels either for heating water (Solar Thermal) or producing electricity (Solar PV panels)…

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Solar Panels – 2016 predictions

Solar Panels - what's in store for 2016. Well it's nearly Christmas and 2016 is around the corner.  We thought we would take this opportunity to have a look at what happened in 2015 and what is in store for Ireland and solar panels in the coming year. 2015  and the grant for solar panels…

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Solar Panels – Solar PV Feed in Tariff

Solar Panels - Feed in Tarriff (FIT) in the UK The UK government has recently cut the Feed in Tariff rate payable for installing solar panels for electricity production installed in the UK.  What does this mean for Ireland?  Well with a decision on the introduction of a FIT for solar panels looming here there…

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