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Simon is a Registered Renewable Energy Installer with SEAI and a Chartered Energy Manager. He has over 10 years experience working with solar panels and is passionate about making it as easy and affordable as possible to install solar panels in homes and businesses across Ireland. You can contact him on

Solar Panels – add value to your home

Solar Panels – more energy production less energy bills. Solar panels add value to your home SEAI have recently released figures on the running costs and emissions on different heating systems related to houses with different BER ratings. The plain conclusion was that the more energy efficient your house is the less it costs and…

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Solar Panels – and a new democracy

Solar Panels – Power to the People Solar panels give you power in more ways than one The Government has launched a “Green Paper on Energy Policy” for consultation. It’s an extended public survey really with many questions to be asked and answered about how you as an Irish citizen want your energy to be…

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