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Simon is a Registered Renewable Energy Installer with SEAI and a Chartered Energy Manager. He has over 10 years experience working with solar panels and is passionate about making it as easy and affordable as possible to install solar panels in homes and businesses across Ireland. You can contact him on

Thermodynamic Solar Panels

Thermodynamic Solar Panels Whatever you do don't buy Thermodynamic Solar Panels - there we said it.!  One thing that we know in Glenergy is how different renewable energy systems compare to each other in terms of performance and cost.  We supply heat pumps, solar panels for heating water, solar panels for producing electricity, Micro CHP…

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Solar Panels – Solar PV and Part L

Solar Panels - PV and Part L When building a new house there is a requirement in the building regulations to install a certain amount of renewable energy generation in the building's energy system.  This requirement is accepted to be 10 kWh of renewable energy per m2 of floor area if using renewable thermal energy…

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Solar Panels – SEAI grants and the HRI

Solar Panels - Grants and the HRI There are two great incentives available now to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home.  Installing solar panels for heating water is included in these incentives.  The two incentives are the Better Energy Homes grant from the SEAI and the Home Renovation Incentive (HRI). The SEAI Grant for…

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Solar Panels Ireland – Obama’s plan

Solar Panels Ireland - Obama's Climate change plan. Here is a good video we have found which explains the impacts and intentions of President Obama's climate change plan.  It certainly makes all the right noises but the time delay on the implementation will surely result in confusion and conflict as the main players figure out…

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