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Simon is a Registered Renewable Energy Installer with SEAI and a Chartered Energy Manager. He has over 10 years experience working with solar panels and is passionate about making it as easy and affordable as possible to install solar panels in homes and businesses across Ireland. You can contact him on

Most Efficient Solar Panels

Which are the most efficient Solar Panels? As part of our daily conversations about solar panels we will often have a discussion about efficiency with a prospective customer.  Naturally the conversation will usually revolve around the desire of the customer to buy the most efficient solar panels for the least amount of money.   The term "efficiency" however needs to…

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Solar Panels on Flat Roofs

Solar Panels on Flat Roofs and Ground Mounting Mounting solar panels on flat roofs and on the ground can often be the best option when installing your solar system.  You may not have a suitable pitched roof facing south or your roof may be flat.  You may also want to utilise some ground at the back…

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Solar PV Farms in Ireland

Solar PV Farms - Solar energy on a big scale A recent article in the Independent talks about solar panels producing electricity on a larger utility scale.  These solar pv farms where lines and lines of solar panels are installed to produce large amounts of electricity in the multi MW range.  These "solar farms" are set to become…

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Solar Panels – In roof or On roof

In roof or On roof solar panels - Which to go for? If you are interested in solar panels the way they are mounted on the roof is something to consider.  There are a number of methods of mounting solar panels but they boil down to two main types; In roof solar panels and On roof solar…

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