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Solar PV – Public Consultation on Feed in Tarrif

Eamon Ryan, the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications has announced a new new microgeneration support scheme to include Solar Panels. A consultation process prior to rollout, which is expected in Summer 2021, is in place at the moment. The support scheme for Micro generation for Solar PV panels and other renewable energy technologies, is…

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Solar Panels for Farms

Solar Panels for Farms to get new Grant A new grant for Solar PV systems has been announced. The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine,  announced that new grants will be available for Irish farms to install Solar PV and LED lights under the TAMS on-farm investment scheme. This will make €10m worth of…

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Solar Panels on Church Roofs

Solar Panels on Church Roofs Solar Panels and Churches are a happy marriage.  The large roof space of a typical church is ideal for solar panels and can go some way to creating revenue for a cash strapped church building and parish.  In the UK the Church of England’s "Shrinking the Footprint" campaign is encouraging…

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Solar Panels in Dublin

Solar Panels on the Dublin Civic Offices This is a birds eye view of the future of energy production in Ireland. Amazing video footage of the solar panels installed on the civic public buildings in Dublin.  Clean renewable electricity produced from solar panels in the heart of Dublin City.  Very impressive!

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