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a few words about Glenergy & Solar Panels..

Solar Panels installed in a row on a green roof - Sun is shining

Solar water heating system on the roof.

Glenergy Solar - Energy for Everything

Glenergy combines the expertise of 3 well established Irish businesses in the energy sector; Glen Fuels, Hotfoot and Kinviro. The combination of these entities brings together the most comprehensive suite of energy products and skills in Ireland under one roof. Glenergy’s aim is to provide the best energy solution for our clients at the best price whilst also taking into account our long term sustainability and greater social obligations. We specialise in solar panels and other renewable energy technologies and have over 30 years of combined experience between us.

Glenergy Solar is run by Simon Whelan. Simon is a Chartered Energy Manager with 10 years experience in the solar panels industry in Ireland. His motivation is to see solar panel technology being used to its greatest potential in Ireland and so he believes in providing you with solar panels to suit your requirements and budget. Give him a call now on 01 5563100 to have a quick chat about your solar panels.

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